INCDMA – Compte rendu de la téléconférence du mois d’Août 2014

Dear all,

Hopefully most of you are or recently have been enjoying some good holidays. Due to very limited attendance during the TC this morning and the fact that we are in the midst of the Summer period, the afternoon TC is cancelled. Let’s continue our discussions in September.

Best wishes,

INCDMA minutes and discussion items, updated August 14:
1.       Informal EU DM Leaders network: Integration of INCDMA with the informal EU DM Leaders network is well underway and common endeavors are being identified.
2.       SCDM EU event: The SCDM will be organizing an invitation only event in December – the INCDMA can have a strong presence and contribution to that event: Pieter Voermans and Peter Stokman are making outstanding contributions to the SCDM invitation-only EU event at the end of the year. We will actively continue to support this event with dissemination of work achieved and presentations or keynote interventions
3.       ACDM event: Discussions are underway for the ACDM event as well (Michel Arnoult & Yiannis Karageorgos included as EU thought contributors). Kick off TCs to be organized shortly
4.       SCDM White paper on eSource: Fantastic document! Heartfelt congratulations for those who managed to squeeze it in their busy schedules and contribute to its release. We should actively contribute to its dissemination: For those not having followed yet SCDM’s quick instructions about disseminating the SCDM eSource White Paper through you any social networks pages that you administer, please at least remember to identify and « like » it whenever you see it posted by someone else. A few of our companies already tag this paper as a « must read » within their own DM organization.
5.       INCDMA/PSDM eSource webinar: Article on the previous INCDMA webinar are under review by panelists.
6.       Future INCDMA webinars: next INCDMA event on Risk Based Monitoring. We need to set dates/presenters/facilitator. We are now in urgent need of a « sponsor » for the next one. For reminder up to now we had the ACDM, DMB and PSDM all having very successfully organized free INCDMA webinars – with dozens of registered participants each time. It has proven to be the best means of broadcasting the INCDMA existence. So we are looking for another of our orgs to host the next such event (hopefully prior to Year’s end). Reminder, if your local organization is concerned with the budget implications of having a free call hosted, we have successfully had some of our companies do it instead for previous events (by use of the corporate TC systems).
7.       Interaction with the CDISC E3C: Yiannis Karageorgos has been approached by a couple of the vendors present in the group, they are looking for fresh thinkers and contributors (pharma membership attendance for them is also problematic).
8.       DIA: Yiannis Karageorgos has possibility of a DIA presentation next spring on the Electronic Source Readiness Assessment (eSRA) a database with quality  requirements for eSource systems that are not directly funded by a Sponsor. Abstract submitted bur not word back yet.
9.       INCDMA website: Ian Pinto has a friend who is willing to put something in place for us using<>, so if you have any ideas of what you would like on the site, look and feel, please let him and other INCDMA colleagues know. The friend could also be asked to update the poster if we wish for a small token fee.
10.   Wikipedia Clinical Data Management Entry: please review and make updates as appropriate (if you do, please inform Ian Pinto)

Martijn Oostendorp MSc
Senior Data Manager